❗BIG announcement next week, stay tuned … @illmindproducer @seermusic @fatherdude photo by @adultsnack

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT NEXT WEEK❗Stay tuned … 🎶 @illmindproducer @seermusic @fatherdude

Welcome to the dance @seermusic @fatherdude @illmindproducer … last night hearts were discovered, thanks to everyone who came out and boogied with us ⚡

May 17th at #MercuryLounge in #NYC …

Maximize the magnificent #AllDay @pierpictures @illmindproducer … boat boyz fly

Setting sail today. Surfs up in Long Beach @pierpictures shooting wild film styles. Captain @seermusic about to steer us into the X marks the spot island of imagination.

Stress free about to rock this show @pierpictures

"This feels like a woman’s on me brother." @goldengoodsusa making @x_atlas_x feel Superfly out in Monica De Santa.

Golden crew in the golden light. Much love to @goldengoodsusa for the dream woven fly styles. When Atlas put on his angel soft super thin hoodie he said, “This feels like a woman’s on me brother.” 🙏🚀🏄☀ @x_atlas_x @konradoldmoney @fatherdude @seermusic

Hotel gang. Smokey in LA kicking up gold dust. Oh shut, @skyzoothewriter is out here too? Well goddamn